Elbow Room Storage is a new self storage facility located in Athens, Georgia. Our services include residential storage, commercial storage, true climate controlled units, vehicle/boat/RV storage, and much more. We pride ourselves on our superior customer service as well as a clean, well maintained storage facility. Call Today to schedule an appointment to take a tour of our facility at your convenience.  There are many advantages to getting a self storage unit!

Get rid of clutter

A storage unit is a great way to get rid of unwanted clutter around your home or office.  Self storage provides you with a secure way to store things you may not need now but do not want to throw away.

Added Security

In many instances self storage offers you a way to store your possessions that is even more secure than your home.  At Elbow Room we have 24/7 video surveillance, a fully fenced/gated facility, as well as on site staff.  Just because you have an in-home security system does not mean all of your belongings are protected.  Items stored in your yard, storage shed, or garage will not be secure.  Self storage units give you the benefits of both extra storage space and added security.


Items that are potentially hazardous should be stored somewhere away from your family or co-workers.  Self Storage units are good options so store power tools, saws, drills, and other items that could cause accidents.  Removing these types of items from your home/office can prevent inquisitive children from hurting themselves.

You need space for larger items

Large items such as boats, cars, etc may not be able to fit in an area at your home.  A self storage facility is perfect for larger items like these that you do not have the space for.  Not only do storage facilities provide a space large enough to store such items it also protects them from the elements while giving you added security.

Added Insurance

Self storage insurance can be cheaper than homeowner’s or renters insurance which makes securing valuable items less costly to insure.  Some facilities will require insurance while others leave it up to you.